I am a writer and photographer out of the Richmond VA area. I mostly write fiction while taking photographs in several genres. In the past that was mainly nature photography and night photography, but I’ve begun branching out into other areas recently. Much of my work has a Gothic and otherworldly feel to it.

When it comes to fiction, I mostly work in speculative fiction- typically fantasy, sometimes science fiction and horror, and more rarely literary type material. My work typically has a darker bent to it, often featuring gritty content. I am currently finishing up a novel to be published in the next few months, and in addition to writing novels I write short stories. Usually I build a setting then work in it for a while, creating an array of stories that can be but are not necessarily related to one another.

Writing will start to show up on this site as it is completed and finalized. The upcoming novel, The Cursed, is dark fantasy story taking place on a post-apocalyptic world.

My photography is organized into various galleries and portfolios, accessible through the main menu. As of now the Nature and Night portfolios are completed; in the future Monochrome (black and white) and Photo Edit (photographs heavily altered for artistic purposes) portfolios will show up as well. In the future other genres of photography and more portfolios will show up as appropriate.

There will be more than two galleries in the future, but for now the two main galleries are the Nemeton galleries and the Gloom galleries. The Nemeton galleries showcase natural beauty, and are primarily landscapes of wild areas and wildlife; the Gloom section highlights dark, monochrome, and heavily moody imagery, often altered into photo edits. Both will be added to as time goes on, featuring multiple pages, as opposed to the portfolios, where there’s a photo limit. As mentioned, new galleries will show up centered on whatever themes I can think of.

Prints are not currently available for sale but this will change.

Updates are mentioned Sunday evenings around or after 6 PM EST (between then and midnight). There is no blog; the site is mostly static, except for the news feed, and comments are meant to be disabled.

I can be contacted at acshurte@outlook.com. I apologize if any correspondence gets lost in the spam folders and cannot promise a reply, but I will try to stay on top of any inquiries.

-Adam Shurte